Tied up in Knots

So, I had planned to have my follow-up to Friday’s post up today.  I’ve written three drafts.  I’ve hated all three drafts.  My brain is all tied up in knots.  I can’t get my thoughts to go the way I want them.  I can’t make the point I want to make–which is especially frustrating, because it’s an important post to laying the foundation for this blog.

So, I’m asking for you to pray for me.  I’m feeling spiritually stunted at the moment and unable to get my thoughts where I’m trying to go.  Please pray that God would release my mind from befuddlement by the Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Tied up in Knots

  1. I’ve been there 1,000 times. Take heart. You have it in you. I was really impressed by your last post. I am grateful and praising God for your last post.I look forward to the possibility of an update to this blog every morning when I turn my computer on.

  2. Grayson,

    Thank you so, so much for the encouragement. Aside from just getting stuck in my head, these days have been rather discouraging and your note has been good for my soul. I thank God for your kindness.

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