Our Weekday Schedule

So here it is. You can click on it to see it larger.

A few notes: First, this is only a sampling of one day for us. In reality I have a separate schedule for each day of the week. Bill wants me to let you know this is actually much more toned down than what it used to be. See, the mocking has already started. Second, I have another schedule for school hours. This changes each day because it also functions as my lesson plans. Third, my day never, and I repeat, NEVER, goes as planned. Some days it’s difficult to even compare what you see below to what actually took place. This routine is simply a goal, one that is easily changed or scrapped when the need arises.

*Update: It’s important to know that I make no schedule for Bill. To say this is his schedule is somewhat laughable (see next post). I roughly threw in some things to show you what this might look like; however, people pay much closer attention than I expected. It seems many are curious how Bill only works seven hours a day. He doesn’t. He works eight. I quickly tossed Humana in there paying no attention to the times. I say this for clarity and because, well, I have no desire to get my husband fired. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Our Weekday Schedule

  1. OK. I’m just getting the time to really respond to this. James and I walked through this. His main question… where does ministry fall into this (during the week in particular)? We know Bill’s position at the church and assume that flows into life. This is something we continue to try to figure out being bi-vocational as well. Also, my biggest struggle with the schedule is the baby. I often feel I ignore her for the sake of the schedule of the older kids. She’ll be one next week. As for your specific details…how does piano/scripture memory/read alouds/baby playing with siblings all happen at the same time withOUT your involvement? I can’t figure that out. 🙂 And lastly, what is ‘kid late night’? For clarification… Thanks so much for taking the time to share your lives with us all!!!

  2. I’m just now seeming to get time to get on here after our vacation, Terra. Sorry! OK, ministry. This schedule is only a sampling of one day of our week. We build in time for specific ministry (counseling, hospitality, serving, etc.) on other days, but truly we have started being more organic with all of that anyway. The biggest thing we’re working on right now is truly incorporating the kids into our ministries instead of just having them exist. If there is something more sensitive like many counseling issues that aren’t appropriate for little ears, we usually have the person(s) come over to our house around bed time so we can be freed up to talk freely. Last thing, if it’s just one man who wants to meet with Bill, he almost always does that during lunch if the other man can do it so he’s freed up in the evenings. We really just have to say no a lot honestly.

    Yep, I always have that struggle, too, with the babes. The main thing I do is just let her be a part of what we’re doing. She sits in my lap when I read to the others, plays in the room when I’m working with the others, sometimes goes in a sling when I have busy hands. Though she doesn’t get nearly as much attention from me as Liam did at that age, she probably gets more attention than anyone else did because of the number of older siblings. She’s definitely the favorite toy. 🙂 I have also had to give myself freedom to understand that I follow Jesus, not parenting books and magazines. Babies LOVE to explore on their own. If they aren’t happy, they let you know. It seems like I haven’t seen any difference between the babies I spent tons of time working with and the ones who were “ignored” more as far as development. In fact, the later ones who haven’t gotten as much individual attention seem to be more joyful and content. I too often feel guilt because of my failings in the world’s eyes in this area.

    The trick is being able to be in six places at once. 😀 I give Liam and Ariana piano lessons on the weekends, so piano time is just practice. Sometimes they need me, but most of the time they do that on their own. They are also good readers, so they do scripture memory on their own, too. We listen to them when they’re done. Bill is the one who reads to the littles during that time, and V simply hangs out with him.

    Kid late night has been awesome for our family! As you well know, it gets harder and harder to get any individual time with the kids the more you have, so every two weeks each of the kids who are old enough get to stay up 30 minutes “late” to hang out with Bill and me. The kids talk about it more than many other things, and it gives us sweet time to see deeper into their hearts. We let the child decide what we’ll do together as long as it actually requires interaction (no TV for instance). They choose anything from games to singing to reading to talking to sharing something yummy. We love it!

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to thoroughly respond to my questions. I really appreciate it. And I think you know I wouldn’t have asked if I weren’t truly wanting to know for my own help as well! The Lord has used you all in some many ways and I’m so grateful for your taking the time to share your thoughts, life and mission with us on here!

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