Referring to Victoria learning how to hold a spoon:

Liam: She’s got some angry skills! [mad skills]

Still singing Christmas songs:

Miriam: I ain’t gettin’ nuttin for Christmas, cause Mommy and Daddy are mad. [looks at me with contempt] You shouldn’t be mad!

Bill was reading to the kids about how Jesus will be the only light we need in heaven:

Liam: That means no more bedtime!

Bill trying to use Esther as a messenger:

Bill: Tell Mommy, “Daddy loves you.”

Esther: Mommy, Daddy loves me!

Bill: That’s true Esther, but say to Mommy, “Daddy loves Mommy very much.”

Esther: Mommy, Daddy loves me very much!

Bill: Esther, tell Mommy, “Daddy loves Mommy very much.”

Esther: Mommy, Daddy loves you, too!

Playing superhero game with Liam in the van:

Ariana: I am the powerfullest, and you’re more powerful!

A daily [playful] question Bill asks the kids–this time after being up during the night with an under-the-weather Esther:

Bill: OK, whose turn is it to get in trouble?

Esther: No! You can’t get in trouble when you’re sick!


Future Plans

Bill just posted an update on our family blog to explain where we’ve been blog-wise the past several weeks and to answer some questions about what we have planned for our family’s future. Now that things are a bit more settled with our house, we feel we can put time into this blog again, something we put on hold intentionally while our time was being drained.

I link to the update here simply because the church context we’re about to enter is going to have a huge affect on our kids and our parenting, so we hope to be able to speak into that in the future. Meanwhile, we have much on our brainstorming list to post about, so feel free to keep checking in with us.