Summer Plans–Week 4

Here are the plans this week:

Monday–hang with friends while Mommy is at doctors’ appointments

Tuesday–make paper bag kites

Wednesday–summer kid movie

Thursday–Acton Park

Friday–Indianapolis Museum of Art




Esther: Liam and Ariana need to stop eating so I can get big like them.

At breakfast–she shoots for the moon:

Miriam: Can I have four more muffins?

We had to leave in a crazy big hurry one afternoon unexpectedly. Let’s just say we didn’t have time for all the essentials:

Liam: Can we go to the park now?

Bill: Um, Miriam isn’t wearing any pants.

Liam: That’s OK! It’s warm outside.

Bill doing silly singing one day:

Liam: You have got to go back to college and learn more about singing.

Evening Bible time:

Bill: Jonah went to Tar…?

Ariana: Target!

After a big meal:

Me: Whew! This girl is full, and don’t say that I’m not a girl, cause I am. Just a grown up girl.

Ariana: No, you’re not.

Bill: Mommy told you not to say she’s not a girl.

Ariana: I mean she’s not a grown up.

A conversation:

Esther: I have a runny nose.

Me: Are you going to catch it?

Esther: No. My napkin will.

Bill sent Liam upstairs to me on an errand:

Liam: Daddy needs the all-people’s [all-purpose] cleaner.

Summer Plans–Weeks 2 & 3

*Miriam at the Al E. Polin Park










Since I forgot to post our plans for last week, you can see both below:

Past week:

Monday–visit the Scottish Rite Cathedral–ended up with last minute doctor’s visits, so will put this off until another week

Tuesday–Make a laser obstacle course–same as above

Wednesday–Kid Summer Movies

Thursday–Eagle Creek Park–loved this park!

Friday–Sponge ball–Daddy requested to be part of this, so pushed off til weekend 🙂

This week:

Monday–visit the Rhythm Discovery Center

Tuesday–play bubble wrap hopscotch

Wednesday–Kid Summer Movies

Thursday–Bethel Park

Friday–Ice treasure hunt

The sea salted caramel we made a couple of weeks ago was insanely delish. Next time, though, I would do something like quadruple the recipe. It barely made enough for all of us to have a taste, much less fulfill our intentions of sharing with our neighbors…

We threw this in last minute for Memorial Day. The kids loved it.

For other summer fun ideas, you can go to my Pinterest summer page.