Esther: Liam and Ariana need to stop eating so I can get big like them.

At breakfast–she shoots for the moon:

Miriam: Can I have four more muffins?

We had to leave in a crazy big hurry one afternoon unexpectedly. Let’s just say we didn’t have time for all the essentials:

Liam: Can we go to the park now?

Bill: Um, Miriam isn’t wearing any pants.

Liam: That’s OK! It’s warm outside.

Bill doing silly singing one day:

Liam: You have got to go back to college and learn more about singing.

Evening Bible time:

Bill: Jonah went to Tar…?

Ariana: Target!

After a big meal:

Me: Whew! This girl is full, and don’t say that I’m not a girl, cause I am. Just a grown up girl.

Ariana: No, you’re not.

Bill: Mommy told you not to say she’s not a girl.

Ariana: I mean she’s not a grown up.

A conversation:

Esther: I have a runny nose.

Me: Are you going to catch it?

Esther: No. My napkin will.

Bill sent Liam upstairs to me on an errand:

Liam: Daddy needs the all-people’s [all-purpose] cleaner.


2 thoughts on “Kidisms

  1. So funny!!! I can’t imagine how much it would be to live in your house. You are wonderful parents. OH yes, you also have awesome children.

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