21 Days–Set Three

To see what this is all about, see my post here.

Update on previous goals

Drink eight glasses of water a day:  Kept up with this one pretty consistently and am already noticing a change in my energy

Organize something each Thursday:  Um, yeah, this one pretty much went out the door. Much of that had to do with logistics and busyness, but I think I have a better way of thinking through this now. I’ll be continuing trying to work this in.

Prep all meals in the morning while the kids eat breakfast:  We had some last minute things come up on the calendar which meant I didn’t have to cook as much as I had originally planned, but oh my goodness this made a huge difference in our household. I actually looked forward to dinnertime most days the last three weeks.

Next “21 Day” Goals

Continue with previous goals

Be careful about portion sizes:  I’m starting work on the body clutter this week. Since Josiah is still getting some of my milk, I have to be careful here to make sure I don’t lose my supply, but I feel like the Pillsbury dough boy when I walk. That’s only cute on babies. Seriously, the bigger I am, the less energy I have, the more my joints hurt, and the harder it is for me to move around. Not good when you have six little people who depend on you.

Begin couponing at one grocery store:  I used to spend a beautifully low amount on our groceries, but now I totally max out our budget. I have never been an extreme couponer and probably never will be, but I can save our family a bundle of money by simple using coupons to stock up on a few items.

Have a clean kitchen and dining room at the end of the day:  This means all dishes are taken care of by either washing them in the sink or placing them in the dishwasher, the countertops and tables have been cleared and wiped down, and the floors are swept. You would think I’m trying to attract pet mice with the state I leave these rooms before bed sometimes. I think it’s worth saying here that I don’t do this (or many of my goals!) by myself. Bill and the kids help out a ton, especially with housecleaning, laundry, and cooking.


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