Summer Break!!!

Here’s a tip–don’t forget a word. If your premature baby spends a month in the hospital, don’t start school within a week of coming home for no reason even though it’s too early and you’re not prepared and you have a pump or baby on your boob every ninety minutes. Tell your husband or a trusted friend to slap your hormones silly and remind you you’ll be temporarily out of your mind until the sleep deprivation is over.

When you don’t listen to them through your hormone-infested-sleep-deprived ears, know that you’ll get to be on summer break in the middle of May the following year! The ends justify the means, right?!


Last year, I started to list our summer weekly agendas. Somehow, babies have a way of messing with all our plans, don’t they? (Speaking of that baby, Ariana just saw him and called him Joey–cause Josiah isn’t good enough I guess…) I’ll make another attempt at it this year, but there are no promises when kids are involved.

Here’s our daily schedule. I left off specific times for the sake of all you stalkers out there–this is simply an order of events:

Breakfast, Bible, Chores, Play Outside
Fun Activity
Lunch, Phonics for Pre-K
Rest, Big Kids Read, Practice Piano, and Do Flashcards
Free Play
Habit Training
Family Time

Here’s a general outline of the fun activities I have planned:

Tuesday–Home Camp (theme based craft, book, music, movie, food, etc.)
Thursday–Water Play, Art Lesson and Science Experiment
Friday–Free Day

This week, we plan to visit Christian Park and the Indianapolis Firefighter Museum. Summer!!!


5 thoughts on “Summer Break!!!

  1. Terra, it’s a Charlotte Mason Concept. We focus on one or two skills several days in a row until they’s basically become habit. Things like washing hands, sitting still, listening. I push these hard in the summer because I have a hard time fitting this stuff in once school gets started. Do you have the same problem? I feel like that just becomes reinforcement time.

    Lawana, yes! I almost posted some of this on the Passport page. šŸ™‚

    • Totally… I’m curious… is it from her original series 6 vol set? I have the kindle version of that. I’d love to read/hear a little more.

  2. This post so inspired me! When I read your schedule, honestly I was shocked. I only have one child, but I work part-time, and my sweet boy has some special needs so there are many times I feel like I can hardly even keep up with meals and laundry and being the wife Ryan needs and on and on. Not to mention training and outings and social time for my Isaiah, but I realized that even in the busy-ness we are on the right track with many things. Thanks to your post I have read all about Charlotte Mason now, thank you! What good stuff!!! I see your passion for being a mother and I love that. It is a big encouragement to me as many parents I’m around don’t seem to have that. Blog on, sister šŸ˜‰

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