Kid Date Coupons

Courtney has talked about this before, but one of the things we do to get some one-on-one time with our kids is take them out for dates. The kids always love it and we treasure the time to connect with our kids in a way that doesn’t really work in the daily rhythms of life. But we’ve found it difficult at times to stick with the whole date thing on a regular basis because we’re tired or we’re busy or someone’s sick or whatever. Oftentimes it’s simply because we haven’t taken the time to plan beforehand what to do with the kids on their date, so we’re not ready for it when it comes.

A while back, Courtney found this blog post describing how the author and her husband make kid date cards for each month. They give them to their kids around the start of the new year so they know what’s coming and they can look forward to it with anticipation. Plus, a whole year’s worth of dates are pretty much planned already. So, we brainstormed together and came up with our list of what we’d like to do with the kids. I unfortunately found the cards a little difficult to customize the way I wanted to, so I ended up taking the design and personalizing it for our kids. You can see the result here and here.

We gave these to the kids in their stockings and they’re thrilled. The content of the dates are already chosen, so each month it’s simply a matter of picking out the days that will work best and penciling them in. We’re actually doing some of them today since there are some kid workshops. And we hope that in carving out the time for this, we not only bless our kids with fun activities but also get some time to get to know their hearts a little better.


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