Ten Weeks of Summer Fun

I’m taking a bit of a different approach this summer. Instead of trying to do bucket lists or planning week by week, I’ve scheduled the whole summer in a calendar!  I loved and used the daily theme ideas from ReMarkable Home:

But I made some minor adjustments to fit our family. We have a weekly Tuesday obligation that keeps us home in the mornings, so I switched Monday and Tuesday. Her titles are way cuter as a result. 🙂 Also each Friday, my kids get to invite a friend over. At least THAT one worked out.

Mobile Mondays

Tinkering Tuesdays

Wet & Wild Wednesdays

Thinking Thursdays

Fresh, Fun, and Friend Fridays

Using those daily themes, I plugged them into handy dandy calendars with links. We’re still doing school this week, but my kids pushed through and finished most of their curriculum already, so the schedule starts today since I know we’ll have some extra time. The days there are no links are either days Bill’s off or a family birthday, meaning we’ll do things differently. You’ll also notice I pushed into an 11th week. That’s mainly to make up for the few days I didn’t schedule anything and to add a couple extra activities/outings I just wanted to do. I intentionally don’t have anything for August because let’s be real. There’s no way we’ll actually do ALL the activities on the day they’re planned (or maybe at all!), so August is basically make-up month until school starts again.

May 2014 Calendar

June 2014 Calendar

July 2014 Calendar


3 thoughts on “Ten Weeks of Summer Fun

  1. I think this is a great plan Courtney – I’m e-mailing it to my bride and we’ll talk about using some of it. Pray for you and Bill frequently – hope you two are well.

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