Future mathematician:

Essie: 95?! Wow, that’s millions!

Addressing a huge issue:

Essie: Miriam and I are the only ones who fix the playhouse roof. No one else wants to. It’s SUPER serious.

Sometimes we just need a minute:

Essie: Mom…
Me: What is it?
Essie: Hold on, let me get this laugh out.


H: I think I smell pork from a porcupine.

Dressing a toy knight:

Victoria:  It fits the night night guy!

Good idea:

H: I’m just going to be patient and wait until I’m older to die.

Declaration after riding her bike fast down the sidewalk and crashing into the bottom step at full speed over and over:

Miriam: Every time I hit the step, I feel like I have to poop, but I don’t!

Potato Potahto:

Bill: Did you know you set the alarm off this morning?
Miriam: I didn’t set it off. I set it on!

From the mouth of babes:

Ariana: She’s a lot like Mommy, but she doesn’t use as many words. She only talks when she’s supposed to.

At least they aren’t organized criminals:

Bill: What’s the head of the Mafia called?
Liam: Mozzarella

While Liam was dog sitting:

Ariana: You’re going to the dog house!

We’ll think about it:

Victoria: When I finish sleeping can I wake up?

Conversation about her co-op teachers:

Me: It sounds like you have wise teachers.
Miriam: I don’t think I have wise teachers.
Me: What does “wise” mean?
Miriam: It means wise and strong, and I don’t really get this.

Pop cultured:

Bill: What is Bruce Springsteen’s nickname?
Liam: Wait, I know! He’s in Monsters, Inc!

Nailed speech therapy:

Josiah: Es ease!
Bill: Can you say, “Yes, please?”
Josiah: Yes, pease.
Bill: Yes! That was it!
Josiah: (looking proud) I said “es ease”


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