Getting Real About Adoption

A year and a half ago, God placed two new children in our lives to adopt. A true answer to prayer, even prayers the Spirit was praying on my behalf that I didn’t know about.

Adoption is beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. And many books, articles, blogs, sermons, and conferences talk about it–the need for it, how Christians are called to it, the redemptive glory. All true.

There’s also the other side of adoption–the ugly brokenness. I figured I would have the courage to talk about this side a few years down the road, looking back giving wisdom.

But that’s not real. It’s not now. It doesn’t fit the theme of this blog. I’ve been silent because I’m scared. Scared to be too open, scared my son and daughter may read this in the future and be hurt by things I may say, scared to be corrected, scared of exposure.

Oh faithless woman! I forget so quickly how God is most glorified in my weakness because he gets to show off his strength. How the more sin I expose, the more his grace abounds. How God may use my struggles to encourage the heart of those mamas and daddys out there who are treading in the same waters we are, barely able to keep their noses above the surface. How he’s able to use the words of a sinful mother to teach and grow her precious children, that their hope won’t be in her but in Christ alone, that these words may even help them through their own adoption journey years down the road.

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to expose my heart, failings, and opinions about our adoption thus far. I’ve not read a single book on the topic in entirety, not attended a class beyond what was required for certification, and have barely even spoken to other adoptive parents for advice. This is simply a woman who had children she didn’t know thrown into her lap unexpectedly, who’s been struggling to survive the last year and a half as a result. This is me being real.

Here are all the posts in our adoption series:

  1. Getting Real About Adoption
  2. Loving the Unlovable
  3. Sin in the Adopted Child
  4. Support for the Adoptive Parent
  5. Broken-Hearted Parents
  6. Some Clarifying Thoughts on Our Adoption
  7. Examining Adoption Resources (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 1)
  8. Normal and Healthy? (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 2)
  9. A Matter of Foundations (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 3)
  10. The Sins of Neurology  (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 4)
  11. Idol Swapping  (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 5)
  12. Setting the Course  (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 6)
  13. Another Way Forward (reviewing The Connected Child, Pt 7)
  14. The Therapy Our Children Need
  15. Who Are You Calling Normal?
  16. Optional Adoption
  17. How to Adopt for Almost Free (And No Fundraising!)
  18. What About “Those” Kids?
  19. Trying to Make Them Lovable

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