Ten Weeks of Summer Fun

I’m taking a bit of a different approach this summer. Instead of trying to do bucket lists or planning week by week, I’ve scheduled the whole summer in a calendar!  I loved and used the daily theme ideas from ReMarkable Home:

But I made some minor adjustments to fit our family. We have a weekly Tuesday obligation that keeps us home in the mornings, so I switched Monday and Tuesday. Her titles are way cuter as a result. 🙂 Also each Friday, my kids get to invite a friend over. At least THAT one worked out.

Mobile Mondays

Tinkering Tuesdays

Wet & Wild Wednesdays

Thinking Thursdays

Fresh, Fun, and Friend Fridays

Using those daily themes, I plugged them into handy dandy calendars with links. We’re still doing school this week, but my kids pushed through and finished most of their curriculum already, so the schedule starts today since I know we’ll have some extra time. The days there are no links are either days Bill’s off or a family birthday, meaning we’ll do things differently. You’ll also notice I pushed into an 11th week. That’s mainly to make up for the few days I didn’t schedule anything and to add a couple extra activities/outings I just wanted to do. I intentionally don’t have anything for August because let’s be real. There’s no way we’ll actually do ALL the activities on the day they’re planned (or maybe at all!), so August is basically make-up month until school starts again.

May 2014 Calendar

June 2014 Calendar

July 2014 Calendar


Summer Break!!!

Here’s a tip–don’t forget a word. If your premature baby spends a month in the hospital, don’t start school within a week of coming home for no reason even though it’s too early and you’re not prepared and you have a pump or baby on your boob every ninety minutes. Tell your husband or a trusted friend to slap your hormones silly and remind you you’ll be temporarily out of your mind until the sleep deprivation is over.

When you don’t listen to them through your hormone-infested-sleep-deprived ears, know that you’ll get to be on summer break in the middle of May the following year! The ends justify the means, right?!


Last year, I started to list our summer weekly agendas. Somehow, babies have a way of messing with all our plans, don’t they? (Speaking of that baby, Ariana just saw him and called him Joey–cause Josiah isn’t good enough I guess…) I’ll make another attempt at it this year, but there are no promises when kids are involved.

Here’s our daily schedule. I left off specific times for the sake of all you stalkers out there–this is simply an order of events:

Breakfast, Bible, Chores, Play Outside
Fun Activity
Lunch, Phonics for Pre-K
Rest, Big Kids Read, Practice Piano, and Do Flashcards
Free Play
Habit Training
Family Time

Here’s a general outline of the fun activities I have planned:

Tuesday–Home Camp (theme based craft, book, music, movie, food, etc.)
Thursday–Water Play, Art Lesson and Science Experiment
Friday–Free Day

This week, we plan to visit Christian Park and the Indianapolis Firefighter Museum. Summer!!!

Summer Plans–Weeks 2 & 3

*Miriam at the Al E. Polin Park










Since I forgot to post our plans for last week, you can see both below:

Past week:

Monday–visit the Scottish Rite Cathedral–ended up with last minute doctor’s visits, so will put this off until another week

Tuesday–Make a laser obstacle course–same as above

Wednesday–Kid Summer Movies

Thursday–Eagle Creek Park–loved this park!

Friday–Sponge ball–Daddy requested to be part of this, so pushed off til weekend 🙂

This week:

Monday–visit the Rhythm Discovery Center

Tuesday–play bubble wrap hopscotch

Wednesday–Kid Summer Movies

Thursday–Bethel Park

Friday–Ice treasure hunt

The sea salted caramel we made a couple of weeks ago was insanely delish. Next time, though, I would do something like quadruple the recipe. It barely made enough for all of us to have a taste, much less fulfill our intentions of sharing with our neighbors…

We threw this in last minute for Memorial Day. The kids loved it.

For other summer fun ideas, you can go to my Pinterest summer page.

Summer Plans–Week 1

*This is not a picture of our family, but we absolutely always look this happy and care-free. Really.

The Bells have had one of our busiest years thus far. In February we began renovating our home in southern Indiana with the hopes of moving to Indianapolis to begin house churches in the inner-city. We were blown away to see how quickly and smoothly God worked everything together. You can read about some of that here. In the midst of renovations, house showings, packing, finding a house and job, and settling in here, we stopped blogging for the most part. We couldn’t justify writing about parenting when we were finding it difficult to just engage with our children. Blogging would have been one more thing to take us away from them and each other.

We have been here for two weeks now, the boxes are unpacked, the house is clean, we finished school, and we are starting to fall into a routine again. Ahhhhhh.

Summer break begins for us this week, so I’m posting our summer schedule. You’ll notice it looks very different from the schedule we used this past school year. While living life with no routine in place and five littles would probably ultimately reserve me a spot in the local mental institution, I also want summer to be filled with more freedom and simple enjoyments, both of the world around us and of each other. I assume we won’t have a single day that will go as planned. Yesterday alone, we had a constant flow of neighborhood kids on our front porch, playing with our toys, having water gun fights with Liam while the girls were napping, or asking Bill to teach them to play guitar. We went bowling last night and came home to five children sitting in front of our house waiting for us to get back home, some we hadn’t met yet. This is the life we had prayed for upon coming here, and there will be little that is “routine” about it. Still, a rough schedule I have made (I feel like Yoda saying it like that). It may be thrown out before the week is over. 🙂

5:30 Read Bible and Shower–Bill and Me

7:00 Kids Get Dressed, Family Breakfast with Bible Time, Chores, and My Exercise

8:30 Read-Alouds, Bill Leaves for Work

9:00 Walk to Neighborhood Park

10:00 Snacks and Fun Activities (see below)

12:00 Lunch and Clean Up

1:00 Naps or Rest Time, Planning for Me, Technology or Outside Play for Older Kids

3:00 Snacks and Summer School (Reading to Me, Math Flash Cards, Piano Practice)

4:00 Cleaning

5:00 Dinner

6:30 Family Time

8:30 Kids in Bed and Time with Bill

Each day, we’ll be doing a different fun activity in the mornings. I got many ideas from a pinterest board called 100 Days of Summer. It’s a fun list you should check out. She also just came out with her 2012 list you can see here. I love creative people who do research for me so I don’t have to. I’ll be posting our plans each week. Here’s week 1:

Monday–(Memorial Day) Backyard Games, Water Games, and BBQ

Tuesday–Make Sea Salted Caramel to Share with Neighbors

Wednesday–Kid Summer Movies

Thursday–Al E. Polin Park

Friday–Make Bubbles