New Year’s Time Capsule

Several years ago, we started having everyone fill out a time capsule at the end of the year. I cannot tell you how glad I am we did! Those memories, seeing how the kids (and us!) have changed through the years, going back to the little years to read together, all brings much laughter and tears when it comes time for it again. This is one of the kids’ favorite activities.

Here’s a copy of the form Bill made if you want to print it or use it as an idea to make your own:

Happy 2017, Everyone! We’re so thankful for each of you who take the time to read our mumblings on here. We pray your year is blessed.

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How We Plan to Use This Blog in 2014

If you’ve followed us for any time on this blog or our family blog, you know that blogging used to be much more of a priority to us than it’s been in the last couple of years. Life happens and this seems like the easiest thing to drop.

In the coming year, our goal is to be more consistent with our blogs. Both of us enjoy writing. We aren’t necessarily good at it, but we enjoy it. We prefer communicating through the written word, probably because we feel like we can say things more concisely and clearly. Writing also helps us empty our heads and process things we’ve been working through. It’s honestly helped us be better children of God, better spouses, better parents, better friends, because we’re putting things that have been buzzing in our minds into organized thoughts. A bunch of random ideas suddenly turn into plans.

This is hard for either of us to say or think, but we also realize it’s possible our blog could help others. We don’t expect it to help even most people who read it, but there will be a handful. God’s used many other blogs and authors to help me understand who he is and who I am. And even though we feel as though most of what we say on here in insignificant, I know God can use anyone–even us.

So in preparing for the new year, we are setting the goal of posting at least three days a week. On this blog, we’ll be covering a variety of topics related to–you guessed it–parenting. I kid you not, we already have 40+ posts written between the two of us that we just never published. Yeah. We’ll get on that.

I’ve also been writing a series of blog posts on raising babies with the goal to turn this into a self-published eBook at some point this year or next. Not looking to have a New York Times bestseller here, rather a simple go-to for anyone who might find it useful.

Our family blog will mainly be used for goings-on in our own home, including bringing back our monthly family updates. We’ll also use this space for other random ponderings. And Bill has spent a lot of time getting content ready for a website describing our house church fellowship–what we do and why we do it. That should be ready in a few weeks.

We look forward to joining you here in the new year!

New Year Preparation

I love fresh starts. It seems like most people do. And obviously many use the good ol’ January 1st for that purpose every year. I don’t claim there’s anything magical about that day in particular, but our family does join with the rest of the country to do some re-evaluating and goal setting. It’s a quieter time when the craziness of the holidays is dying down, and it’s the middle of the school year. So why not?

Here are some things we do to prepare for the new year:

  • Go through Don Whitney’s “10 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year or on Your Birthday.” Psst, there are actually 31 questions… This just gets the good ol’ noggins going regarding priorities.
  • Clean out our file folders. It’s a great time for it since we’ll start getting new tax forms in the next few weeks.
  • Evaluate our budget from the previous year and rework it to suit our needs.
  • Plug into our calendar a long (7-day) and short (extended weekend) family vacation, four personal retreats for Bill and me (two each), a weekend getaway for Bill and me, and a dudes’ weekend and a chicks’ weekend (for Bill and our boys and then me and our girls). These get planned to intentionally set aside time for memory making, reconnecting, rest, and evaluating.
  • Prioritize big purchases we plan to make.
  • Make one overall family goal (this year it’s prayer), and one goal for Bill and me (this year mine’s doing one thing at a time, no multi-tasking; Bill’s is moving more slowly, not being too quick to act).
  • List books we’d like to read in the next year.
  • Take a fresh look at our daily and school schedule, deciding what needs to change.
  • Come up with blog goals (these will be posted tomorrow).